Yeaah, I know it sucks. Sometimes it really sucks. That feeling when you have worked your ass off on a project- you feel close to reaching a milestone. Like really close to the point to start on a prototype, and you got a developer who can build the thing. Your almost "walking on sunshine" in your mind. Then you realize something. I did this with a challenge I have been working on finding a solution for since October 2014. After working on the project I had looked at the market and considered how I could "sell the project" for investors.

The thing is that when you get to caught up in the selling part- you suddenly find yourself understanding that you have lost the real reason why you started with the project in the first place; The true value- the core of why you truly need to start the project. I suddenly understood that after I had worked on the project I had lost the real reason for doing it. 



It's time to go deep again- take some steps back.Where is the real challenge? Not the one I need to sell, but the one who will create value to the people I am solving the problem for. Is the solution I am thinking of really solving the challenge?

In the world of selling and marketing its easy to feel that you need to make the product "sexy" for the customer, something they would desire. Sometimes its better to walk back and reconsider it. Its how a project process is, you go & a little back and forth. Which at times can make you feel a bit lost, but then you find the track again and it suddenly makes more sense to you; What its really about and your solution might grow potential to reach a whole new level of greatness. So try to walk around, step back, and don't forget to use the sidewalk.

  • Vilde Bang Foss