I don’t know if you ever had that feeling of having this intense desire of going somewhere? Kind of escape from it all - just to be with yourself and reflect. That was the feeling I had before Christmas- I just needed to go somewhere by myself. Being all alone.  … Okay, I can confirm that I am CRAZY (from time to time). Going to Slovakia was one of this spontaneous experiences.

I don’t want to put my life on hold for regrets about not creating opportunities or never risk a little to create some thrills in my life. So I went here…No sunny tourist destination or sunburned face, actually it was fucking cold! Freezing as hell- first thing I had to buy was a pair of warm wool socks. 

The original plan was to attend the Gran Canaria Business Week. An event with a focus on self-development and business.  Then I realized how expensive the flight tickets where…& flipped the finger to go.

So instead I created this plan to travel to the cheapest place possible! I promised myself during Christmas that I would travel in the first week of January. I thought about going to Estonia,  until….

Well, my dignity should maybe have disappeared here. For sharing what I am about to share right now.  BUT fuck it- I want to be honest and break my comfort-zone:  Here is what happened!

To travel the cheapest way possible I thought about couch-surfing and staying at hostels. Instead, I crashed the bed of a student here in Slovakia. I'm sorry parents: I told that I met this guy at an entrepreneurial event, that was a  lie.

During Christmas, I did something that I had each possible negative judgmental “NO “-thought about doing. I joined the one thing I said I never would join. I always thought of it as a superficial medium. Jup, you can lose your pride of knowing me right know: Tinder.

I downloaded the app- messaged people- then met people. One of them was this student. We met up in Norway one day & we ended up talking for hours.  I told him about my plans of going somewhere cheap, just to write and reflect.

He called me the night after we had met and suggested that I could travel to Slovakia instead of Estonia- I could crash at his place for free where he studies. Responsible people should maybe have said no, “You don’t know this guy- you can get raped” and so on. I decided to lose control- just go with the flow and that means go.  So I thought to myself “Fuck it, I am going Slovakia in about 4days”. He ordered the flight tickets and here I am sitting at a cafe in Slovakia typing this and looking forward to taking the train 5:30 tomorrow morning to start on my journey home.

I had a wonderful trip, even thug I might not have written as much as I hoped. The original plan was to just spend my time writing, not focus too much on other projects. Just travel all alone…did not happen. So the thing was the trip kind of did not turn out quite the way  I planned, but still, its been a good trip that I would have regretted not to take.

During the stay I multitasked projects:

  • I wrote some words on a writing- project I am doing
  • I drew sketches for app-functions
  • I designed a landing page for the same app & started on writing a project plan-document for it
  • I helped the girls I am currently mentoring for with a design of their business plan
  • I drew and wrote about my vision of living & reflections
  • Wrote some new quotes
  • I started on a web design for a personal brand-page
  • I worked on a self-development

& I had one shopping-day: one jacket & some bracelets.


WHAT Did I learn?

  • Take risks that your gut feeling tells you
  • Explore
  • Use time on things that matters for you
  • Not many here speak English fluently
  • Get used to buying water bottles
  • They don’t sell dish-wash brushes down here
  • Don’t focus on regretting- appreciate that you tried & took some action

Next time I really want to go all by myself- without knowing anyone at the place I am staying. Just Couchsurfing and sleeping at hostels to get to know new people. This will not be my last journey- a trip don't need to cost a fortune to be great!

Thank you for great times Slovakia!!